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Measure, Reward & Build The Professional Reputation Of Your Team

Professional contribution registrar to reward those filling organizational gaps by going above and beyond.

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What is GoingUP?

GoingUP is an on-chain Professional Reputation Protocol for Talent Management.

We enable companies to easily capture, measure and reward their talent by getting a full picture of key contributions and interactions that positively impact their likelihood of success.

GoingUP solves the problem of talent management known unknowns. By recording positive informal contributions that go beyond talent job descriptions, companies can make better informed and data driven talent decisions, thus reducing biases. Our long-term goal is to be a fully integrated solution that enables our customers to attract, retain and reward the right talent for their company while supporting workers to do the right thing and beyond.

Value proposition

We Deliver

GoingUP uses Tokens of Appreciation as the core accounting mechanism to measure informal contributions. Those artifacts of the work that was done are awarded on a peer to peer basis.

Talent can be recognized for volunteering, mentoring, helping out and anything that others might be thankful for that are not core to the job description. 

These Tokens of Appreciation have no intrinsic monetary value attached to them and are more for keeping track of professional achievements, performance, and volunteering, such as employee of the month award and thank you notes.

Technically, GoingUP uses blockchain technology to make it easier for companies to build bridges between each other (so suppliers, clients and other stakeholders can also record how thankful they are) and even with public blockchains (so employees can own and share their past contributions with future employers and companies can have a wider picture and understanding of their future collaborators).

Key Benefits

There are five important aspects of our Protocol:

  1. Get a full picture of staff contributions, not only the formal ones measured by managers but also the informal work that contributes to company success.
  2. By recognizing talent for their efforts, they are encouraged to keep contributing without feeling limited in their career.
  3. By understanding the contributions that aren’t part of job descriptions, companies can identify the gaps within their organization and understand what their talents are good at that wasn’t part of their core job.
  4. It just takes an email to be thankful to someone who helped out, volunteered or went above and beyond; by putting GoingUP in CC we’ll be able to mint the Token of Appreciation.
  5. By using blockchain technology, it becomes easy to bridge and connect multiple blockchains from various stakeholders, enabling credential ownership for employees and completing the picture for talent managers.

Where Professional Reputation Have Real Value.

GoingUP’s Ambitions Beyond Informal Contributions

GoingUP is a full Protocol and even though we start by helping companies record informal contributions to make better decisions and reward their talent, we have higher goals.

We want to encourage and help companies to pool those tokens of appreciation together and record formal contributions on a public blockchain as well, thus empowering talent to become the owner of their credentials while at the same time enabling companies to get a fuller picture of their future talent while showcasing how the company benefits their employees.

This would grow the data available to employees when assessing employers and vice versa. It would reduce the cost of background checks. It would empower talent to take less formal paths that resonate with them without the fear of having blanks on their resume. It would reduce biases. It would include volunteering, charities and similar clubs. It would improve the work environment.

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Reward & Get To Know Your Talented Team Better

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