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Collaborate & Build your reputation in web3

Collaboration, and Reputation-building Registrar for Professionals in the Web3 ecosystem.

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Supported Blockchains

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Our goal

What is going up?

GoingUp is a multi-chain professional reputation protocol created for web3.
We enable users to connect, discover and collaborate with a diverse array of professionals within the space quickly and easily by using a reputation stacking matrix.

GoingUp will solve the problem of trustworthiness and the pseudo-anonymity that exists within the crypto space when it comes to working with new people. We track interactions you have as you work with your collaborators and use them to build your reputation on-chain. Our long-term goal is to be chain agnostic but for now, our product is EVM compatible. 

GoingUp For Projects

Even if you find someone who seems fantastic, how can you trust they are who they say they are and can do what they said they can?
With our smart contract functionality, project leads can verify and reward contributors on-chain.

These verifiable credentials are valuable for users as it can help them keep a track record of their professional achievements in the form of a customisable on-chain resume using zero- knowledge proofs to manage the information they want to share with future employers or collaborators.

Value proposition

What GoingUp Can Deliver

GoingUp uses tokens of appreciation that projects can award to their contributors. These tokens are NFTs (non-transferable AKA Soulbound) and are awarded when collaborating with someone or completing a project.

They don’t have a monetary value attached and are more for keeping track of work activities, performance, and volunteering. All of which lead to the creation of an on-chain resume or track record.

The goal is to create a simple means by which to vet professionals without having to stretch resources and waste time.

The GoingUp  Platform

There are two important aspects of the GoingUP protocol: Find and Reward. Each plays into the other. The user profile will allow for a comprehensive match, utilizing key behaviors, skills, and networks to connect professionals within the space.

When you find someone, you can be certain of the vote of confidence they have received from their peers' thanks to our on-chain professional experience and reward system. It is a seamless way to find trusted web3 entities and build or join your dream team.

Where professional reputation have real value.

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Premium  Membership

GoingUp is dropping up to 222 exclusive NFTs that offer lifetime membership to our platform. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this one-time opportunity to become a GoingUp Fren forever.


The Collaboration & Reputation infrastructure Platform

Find out more about GoingUp by joining the our community or following  Twitter. It is a great way to keep track of any updates as we progress.


The Professional Reputation Protocol for Collaboration

Find out more about GoingUp by joining the our community or following  Twitter. It is a great way to keep track of any updates as we progress.