Elevate your brand and attract the right talent

Aligning your company's essence and values with the candidates you aim to attract.


Comprehensive Employer Branding Metrics


Performance Reporting Metrics


Employee Insights & Sentiment

Benefits of an outstanding employer branding

A strong employer brand and reputation attracts candidates who are seeking more than just a salary, it also reduces hiring costs, enhances employee morale, and ultimately leads to a better customer experience for your company.


Growth & Improvement

Enhance your reputation as an employer by offering concrete proof of the achievements and training skills that your employees gained while working at your company.


Transparent Culture

Use on-chain verifiable credentials as tool to broadcast an open and honest work environment, which attracts and retains top talent.


Speed Hiring

Adopt an on-chain approach to track metrics like time-to-fill job roles and candidate suitability which will help in future hire-to-retire processes.

Invest in Company Culture

A well-crafted employer brand not only helps in attracting and hiring top talent, it can help companies to create a cohesive and organized process from the start of employment until retirement.

Build a Good Employer Branding Now!

Understand your current reputation and employer's brand status by reviewing employee reviews, tracking performance updates, and metrics, and broadcasting the achievements to the world to attract the right people.

Embark on the Journey Towards a Decentralized Future of Work

We help professionals and businesses create their decentralized professional identities, transforming recognition, achievements, and performance milestones into verifiable credentials that serve as valuable assets for their brands and hire-to-retire operations.