Episode #6

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Welcome to Episode 6 of the "Going Up" podcast, where we explore the cutting edge of work, culture, and decentralized identity. Today, we're thrilled to feature Steve, also known as JANNER in the NFT Twitter space, the founder of ApdA (Association for Professionals in Digital Assets).

Steve shared his journey from a real estate surveying background into the world of Web3, explaining how his professional experiences shaped his approach to the digital asset landscape. With ApdA, Steve aims to establish a robust framework for professional standards within the blockchain and digital assets community, inspired by traditional accreditation systems like RICS for chartered surveyors in the UK.

ApdA seeks to fill a significant gap in the blockchain industry by providing individual professionals with a platform to certify their skills and adherence to ethical standards, much like traditional professional associations but tailored for the dynamic and diverse needs of the blockchain sector. This initiative is particularly crucial as the industry navigates the complexities of professional conduct in a decentralized environment.

Steve also highlights the innovative use of blockchain technology within ApdA's membership structure, where digital membership cards are minted as NFTs on the Polygon network. This not only secures member credentials but also integrates them into the broader digital identity framework that blockchain technology enables.

As we delve deeper into the conversation, Steve shares insights into the challenges of establishing a new professional standard in an industry as nascent and rapidly evolving as blockchain. He discusses the broader implications of such standards for talent recognition, professional growth, and the overall maturation of the sector.

This episode is about a deeper exploration of how traditional professional values can intersect with the decentralized digital world to foster a more structured and trustworthy industry. Tune in to learn more about Steve's vision for ApdA and the future of professional associations in the decentralized age.

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