Simplify and increase the frequency of employee recognition

Embed appreciation at the core of your culture to enhance the employee experience, boost loyalty, and elevate engagement.


On-chain Badges & Awards


Peer-to-Peer & Manager-to-Peer Recognition


Automated Event Celebrations


Why do you need talent recognition?

One of the primary reasons for employee turnover is insufficient recognition. Employees seek acknowledgment of their hard work from both their superiors and colleagues we help turn recognition into on-chain credentials to build a track record for your company and employees.



Businesses increased employee engagement with talent recognition



Businesses improved remote culture by cultivating recognition habits



Businesses saw an increment in employee loyalty

Improve Engagement

Enhance your team's productivity through talent recognition initiatives that align with your company's goals and values. Inspire your staff by incorporating gamification into the process of recognizing achievements and performance updates, utilizing blockchain-based credentials that employees can retain for the long run.

Reduce Admin Work

Allowing employees to possess and maintain their talent recognition badges and awards as blockchain-based credentials offers long-term advantages for your organization, including time and cost savings in promoting individuals, recruiting new talent, and facilitating collaboration and sharing information between teams.

Embark on the Journey Towards a Decentralized Future of Work

We help professionals and businesses create their decentralized professional identities, transforming recognition, achievements, and performance milestones into verifiable credentials that serve as valuable assets for their brands and hire-to-retire operations.