Define your review and check-in strategy

Our solution help you set your goals and tailor it to your organization's needs, and implement it effectively in a simplified system.


Empower Managers, HR & Talent


Inspire Employees


Create Organizational Alignment

Track any Performance Update process

We help organizations in transforming these assessments into blockchain-based credentials to enhance their employer reputation and employees professional development.


360 Peer Reviews

Offer a holistic evaluation by gathering input from peers, supervisors, and junior peers to provide a comprehensive view of an individual's performance.


Compentency Reviews

Assessing an individual's proficiency in specific skills and behaviour's relevant to their job role, aiding in targeted development and feedback for improvement.


Peer Feedback

Co-workers evaluate each other based on performance, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and work attitude offering comprehensive view of the employee.


Goal check-ins

Regular, focused discussions between managers and employees about progress toward objectives, offering an opportunity for feedback, goal adjustment, and support.


Project Based Reviews

Evaluations on a specific project, offering direct  feedback. PBR, are often led by the project owner, utilizing clear project objectives to provide objective assessments.


Annual & Semi annual reviews

Performance appraisal systems used to assess and discuss an employee's achievements, areas for improvement, and goals over a specified period.

Decision-making based on Data

We analyse performance data across factors like time, teams, and roles, securely storing these updates as on-chain credentials inside each employee's Decentralized ID wallet.

Already using a talent recognition solution?

We can continue to assist you in leveraging the advantages of tracking performance updates and storing them inside a Decentralized ID that will make your operations easier in the long term.

Embark on the Journey Towards a Decentralized Future of Work

We help professionals and businesses create their decentralized professional identities, transforming recognition, achievements, and performance milestones into verifiable credentials that serve as valuable assets for their brands and hire-to-retire operations.