We are building trust and empowering people to take ownership and control of their career dreams, ambitions, and achievements by creating a user-friendly experience that documents their career achievements in a trustworthy way. To fulfil this mission, we are building a Decentralized ID infrastructure that stores performance updates and talent recognition ensuring customers and users can confidently showcase their respective professional brands and become active co-creators of their lives and the future of work.


Our journey towards the Future of Work and Decentralized Identity.

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Research and Development

Analyze existing DID technologies and competitors in the market and develop standards for regulatory compliance and interoperability.

Technology Development

Creation of a blockchain-based identity system and integrations. Development of a secure and user-friendly identity wallet for users to manage their DIDs.

Beta Testing & Scalability

Invite selected partners or early adopters to participate in beta testing. Gather feedback and iterate on your solution to improve security, scalability, and usability.

Integrations, Continuous Improvements, and Further Deployments

Public launch of our decentralized identity solution. Educate the market about the benefits of decentralized identity and our unique value proposition.

The values that drive our work

These core values resonate with GoingUP's mission, laying a robust groundwork for a company culture committed to empowering people to be the admins of their lives and take full ownership of their career aspirations. Furthermore, we are at the forefront of shaping the future of work and decentralized professional identity.



We empower individuals to take ownership of their career dreams and goals. We foster a culture of leadership where we support and elevate each other, ensuring that no one is left behind in their journey toward success.


Curiosity-driven Innovation

We encourage curiosity by asking questions, challenging conventional wisdom, and seeking external insights. Our commitment to bringing in fresh perspectives allows us to continually innovate and provide the best solutions for our customers and users.



We are intentionally clear in our communication, ensuring that uncertainty does not hold us back. We speak up, offer constructive feedback, and make decisions with kindness and directness. We believe that transparency builds trust and drives progress.



We reward and acknowledge the contributions of our team members and users. We are committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves and continuously invest in learning and development to help everyone reach their full potential.



We view our customer relationships as partnerships, aiming to support and assist our clients and users at every step of their journey. We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration, as we all work together to achieve our career dreams and goals.


Feedback-driven Improvement

We actively seek and welcome feedback, using it as a tool for growth and improvement. By fostering a culture of feedback, we ensure that we are always on the path to providing better products and helping our customers and users succeed.


Our diverse team, comprising people with international experience, encompasses a rich blend of business and technical expertise in the blockchain | web3 industry

Steph Silva

Founder CEO

Mark Ibanez

Co-Founder CTO

Alfredo Arriola

Front-end Development

Benoit Surroca

Founding Advisor

Santosh Panda

Advisor Foundership

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