Decentralized Professional Identity in a Nutshell

DIDs Facilitate the management and verification of employee's credentials, streamlining performance tracking, enhancing talent recognition, and supports employer branding by ensuring authentic and verified representations of skills and achievements. This method empowers employees and employers to manage their professional identities and credentials securely and efficiently.


Augment the Hire-to-retire Process


Turn accomplishments into Verifiable Credentials


Employee & Company Owned Credentials

Benefits of Decentralized Professional Identity ( DID)

Augment the Hire-to-Retire process by issuing and verifying employee achievements and performance updates using verifiable credentials. This will ensure that your organization is well-equipped for the future of work paradigm shift.


Security & Accuracy

DID allows individuals and businesses to securely manage, control, and verify access to their professional credentials and performance data in a transparent and protected manner. By adopting this approach, we significantly reduce the occurrence of data inaccuracies and fraud.


Privacy & Data Protection

DID offer users more control over their personal information, allowing for selective sharing of data in compliance with regulations like GDPR. This approach minimizes data exposure and empowers individuals to be stewards of their own professional data.


Portability of Data

DID allows entities to securely store and share their work identity data from their own devices, with organizations, teams and others verifying its authenticity via a ledger, enhancing data portability and visibility while maintaining user control.

Take advantage of the Decentralized Identity Paradigm

Our goals is to empower companies and individuals to store, authenticate and issue their work credentials and use them universally as reliable proof. This paradigm shift places control in the hands of employers and employees, allowing them to decide precisely what information to share, its duration, and securely store their data in their own digital wallets facilitating the hire-to-retire process.

Become an Active Co-creator

Global Standards for Decentralized Identities are under development, this is an opportunity for your organization to contribute and shape the future of work while taking into consideration your particular needs. Consider how decentralization can enhance different aspects of your business, like quick onboarding of employees and contractors, employer branding, providing additional security for high-value applications and streamlining the Hire-to-retire process. With the growing trend towards decentralizing the internet we are open to collaborate with diverse organizations.

Embark on the Journey Towards a Decentralized Future of Work

We help professionals and businesses create their decentralized professional identities, transforming recognition, achievements, and performance milestones into verifiable credentials that serve as valuable assets for their brands and hire-to-retire operations.