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Building the future reputation & Work .

GoingUp is dropping 222 exclusive NFTs that offer lifetime membership to our platform. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this one-time opportunity to become a GoingUp Fren forever.
To Get Added to the allow list please fill out the form below.

The Cornerstones

Lifetime membership.

Enjoy lifetime membership to everything GoingUp offers, now and in the future.

Community Access.

VIP access to a unique community that comes together to unleash their potential.

Build  Reputation.

Be an active contributor and co-builder of the future of work and collaboration.


Access to exclusive events, airdrops, and more surprises.

The Specifics

Life time Membership


Gain access to a Lifetime membership:

Enjoy lifetime membership to everything GoingUp offers, now and in the future. As an OG minter and GoingUp Fren, your contribution will forever be recognised on our platform and displayed on your profile, even if you sell it on. If you hold it, you will have first access to everything our team develops.

  • Priority access and feature testing
  • All premium features unlocked for life
  • Exclusive access to our founder's community to discuss the platform’s growth

Build your on-chain reputation


Gain access to Build your on-chain reputation

Start building your on-chain reputation as team leader immediately, helping you find great collaborations quicker and easier. Your lifetime membership grants you special status as a founding member on the platform, visible to all.

  • GoingUp Founding Member status visible on your profile, for life
  • Governance rights over the future direction of the platform
  • Build your project's & team reputation with a 30 months of Organizations & Corporate VIP premium membership

The Community


Gain access to the curated community

The GoingUp community is full of high achievers, focused on rising up the professional ranks of Web3 and building the best projects in the industry. GoingUp Premium membership Frens have VIP access to a unique discord channel where entrepreneurs, inventors, coders, marketers, and more come together to unleash their potential.

  • VIP discord access
  • Recognition as a committed professional
  • Industry focused unique content access (workshops or masterminds)

The Perks


Gain access to exclusive Perks

Lifetime members will also have first rights on all future GoingUp enterprises. This includes merch, future NFT drops, offline and in-metaverse event access, and an invitation to participate in the first seed round alongside venture capital firms.

  • First access to all future GoingUp features
  • Online and offline, Future drops and events
  • Seed-round access for accredited angel investors


Q4 2022

We are an early stage project and some of the specifics can change. Our main focus is on hiring a good team and delevering the next features.

  • Quantitative on-chain scoring

  • Beta product release

  • Verifiable credentials for DAOs, projects and Businesses

Q1 2023

We will be focusing on a smoth on-boarding experience, validating the product with our users and customers as well as expanding on partnerships.

  • Custodian Wallet

  • Further development of on-chain scoring and machine learning algorithms

  • Decentralized professional reputation and identity standard

Q2 2023

We will be further working on optimal ways to weight reputation by scoring individuals and organizations based on their activity, how they reward others collaborating with them as well as custom HR and CV scoring for work application.

  • Composable NFT score containing on-chain credentials and off-chain data

  • Professional reputation scoring API

  • Zero-knowledge proofs applied to HR and optimal collaboration


How much is mint?

The mint is 2.22ETH for a lifetime membership.

Wen mint?

Mint is live in October 2022

Is there an Allow list?

Yes, you must register by filling out the form and supplying your wallet address here:

How many NFTs are in the collection?

There are only 222 - lifetime memberships (45 years) available.

Is there a Roadmap?

Yes! please check it out here

Will lifetime memberships be available again?

No. We don't plan ever to offer lifetime access again. These NFTs represent ridiculous value in exchange for our early community’s pledge to support us.

What is the contract address?
What are the terms of the service?

You can find the terms of the service stated here


Ready to mint?

By clicking on mint now, you will access one of the up to 222 exclusive NFTs that offer lifetime membership to our platform.  Access this one-time opportunity to become a GoingUp Fren forever.